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What should I expect during my first appointment?

Your first visit with us will be very similar to a typical visit to your primary care physician. We’ll discuss your medical history, medications, health concerns, and any specific skin issues and goals.


If possible, remove makeup so we can see your natural skin. Expect to dress down to your underwear and be in a medical gown for a full-skin exam to note any discolorations or issues and to gain a baseline for future care. This exam will include your entire body—scalp, neck, ears, nose, even your fingers and toes. It’s possible that some suspicious areas will be photographed to include in your medical records to track changes in the future.


If a skin issue is discovered, it’s possible for treatment to happen during the appointment, although sometimes treatment requires scheduling another visit. The two most common treatments are:


  • Cryotherapy, which is a quick spray of liquid nitrogen to remove skin-surface lesions
  • Skin Biopsy, which is the removal of a small sample of a suspicious lesion removed under local anesthetic for further testing

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring your photo ID, insurance card, prescription card, list of current medications, and completed paperwork.




Will my mole or lesion be removed at my first visit?

After evaluating your condition, we will determine the best treatment plan. If it’s possible, we will complete the removal that day. But depending on the diagnosis and treatment options, you might need to schedule another appointment.

What insurance plans are accepted?

We accept most insurance plans. Contact your insurance company to confirm eligibility. Call our office if you have further questions.

How often should I see a dermatologist?

You should visit your dermatologist at least once each year for a thorough skin examination. If a skin issue develops between yearly visits—such as a rash, suspicious areas that do not heal—see your dermatologist immediately.